Soft contact lens with 75% water content



Water content

Basic curvature




Filkon II 2*

75 %

8,60 mm

14,50 mm

±0,00 до ±10,00 (in 0.25D)

±10,00 до ±20,00 (in 0.50D)

*(Copolymer Methyl methacrylate/ N-vinil Pyrrolidone)

Properties of soft contact lens with 75% water content

-high water content of the material provides high oxygen permeability (DK) which

ensures an excellent comfort and visual acuity while wearing these lenses

- can be used as therapeutic lenses

- provides good mobility in the eye

How to use: everyday fitting and removal and extended mode of wear- up
to 7 days without removal

  • Quantity in packaging: 1 pcs.
  • Recommended period of use: 1 to 3 months